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Organic Landscapes (2008)

Unsentimented (2007)

Breath of the Sea (2007)

Breath of the Sea, works on panel (2007)

Breath of the Sea, Diptychs (2006)

Landscapes, 2006

Wetlands (2005)

Constructions (2005)

The Divinity of Wild Grasses (2005)

Landscapes, 2005

Empty Landscapes (2004)

Above the Floating World (2004)

Canada Series (2003)

The Floating World (2002)

The Inward Heart (2002)

Icons (2002)

Names of Norman Towns (2000)

Asian Cranes (2000)

Lovers in Paradise (1999)

Nourishment From Below (1995)

Smaller works and works on paper

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