R     o     b     e     r     t       D     r     u     c     k     e     r       A     r     t

  a       n   o   t   e       a   b   o   u   t       c   o   l   o   r  


Obviously color is an essential element of my work, and I would like to present these images as close as possible to their actual colors.  Every care has been made to prepare the digital image files with accurate color.  Due to differences in individual computer systems, the colors you see may not be accurate representions of my work.  In particular, images viewed on PC (Windows or Linux) systems may appear darker than images viewed on Macintosh systems.  Colors will also differ between CRT and LCD monitors, and between individual monitors.  Please make sure that your monitor is configured for maximum brightness and contrast.

35mm slides generally will provide more accurate color and greater detail than digital displays.  I am happy to provide slides by request (click here for contact information.)